Green Goddess Necklace

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Length: 16.25”


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This style is also available to view in person at Roam & Dwell, located in Charlotte, NC.

These knotted necklaces are full of such interesting stones! The soft green stones contain intergrowths of epidote, those are the unique dark green and black patterns found within some of the stones.

The mineral's hue can vary from pale white to muted green, and comes in shades of gray, yellow, green-yellow, and gold. However, the most valuable pieces are those with a green tone.

It is said that Prehnite with epidote attracts abundance, prosperity, and creativity.

Prehnite is recognized as a "stone of dreaming," thought to enhance the dream state's potency, strengthen lucid dreaming and communication with other planes of existence.

This beaded necklace style features Prehnite stones cut into 5mm cubes, hand-knotted on a lime green silk.