We started this as a project to raise money for Madeleine, who was in a traumatic ATV accident on July 17, 2021.

While Madeleine was riding as a passenger in an ATV, the driver took a sharp turn, causing the vehicle to flip onto its right hand side. At the time, Mad was holding onto the door to keep herself inside the vehicle. Although she remained inside, the vehicle landed on the door that she was holding onto, crushing her right hand. Not only did the vehicle fall onto its side, it then slide across the ground with her hand underneath the weight of it.

Madeleine was the only person that suffered such injuries, and she was rushed to the hospital to address her injuries. The driver and another passenger walked away with only a few bumps and scrapes.

Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication after the first two fingers were amputated, upon her arrival to the hospital, and she wasn't aware that they had been removed until the next day when she went back into pre-op to assess what could be saved of her remaining fingers and hand.  As you can image the shock and fear she experienced was tremendous. She thought her life was over as a nurse -- her career that she was so passionate for.

She's taken great strides since then, and is back to working as a nurse. She still has ways to go with her trauma therapy and her PTSD that resulted from that day in July 2021.

Since the accident, Mad has had numerous surgeries, 3 fingers and a partial hand amputation, an index finger fusion, and there are still more procedures on the horizon.

Unfortunately, insurance denied covering a prosthesis for her numerous times, so we worked our butts off to raising funds for her prosthesis. In the meantime, she worked hard with her hand therapist and her hand surgeon in order to regain functionality and use of her right hand. Most of the work has been to get her index finger functioning. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Madeleine for her medical costs and her ongoing therapy sessions. Those who have followed the story, made a purchase or a donation to the GoFundMe, prayed for us and cheered us on from afar have really brought some winds to our sails and have carried us through these down times.

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